My Mission: My clients will benefit from the transparency and experience I bring to the buying and selling of fine jewels. The goal is to achieve significant savings, reduce premium pricing and create bespoke pieces while upholding the highest quality standards. 

Purchasing process: 

I create customized jewelry for you, with only you in mind.

  • Analyze and identify your specific jewelry requests within your parameters
  • Advise on stone option qualities: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight, creating truly fine bespoken jewelry
  • Source ethically mined stones, all with GIA certificates
  • Discuss personalized design direction, incorporating your own personality
  • Select appropriate precious metals: platinum or color of gold desired (rose, white, yellow)
  • Obtain gems and jewelry from select contacts, eliminating premium pricing
  • Create the final piece with the highest craftsmanship 

Selling process:

For those who wish to sell a single piece of jewelry or an entire collection, I will advise you throughout the process by utilizing my market intelligence and leveraging my industry relationships. I bring complete confidentiality to the process with the goal of achieving the highest price for you.